Desperately Seeking Suzie (1985)

Bud plays host to one of the wildest games of musical beds ever. Cindy, the cosmetics salesgirl puts her lip gloss on Barbara, Bud’s ex-wife who is on the outs with Freddy, her current boyfriend. Freddy meanwhile has a close encounter with Lissa, a professional girl from Claudia’s outcall service that Bud had previously ordered.
Meanwhile, Cindy’s sister Suzie and her boyfriend Jack arrive and get involved in a little hot tub scene. Bud’s girlfriend Nancy, having decided not to leave town for the weekend, arrives at the house and finds everyone in the act. She runs into Freddy’s ex, Donna, and they decide to call their friend Big Mac to have him bring over his whopper. Bud, having had his fill with madness, decides to get back together with his wife Barbara and put things in the proper place.

Jack Remy

Ami Rodgers
Cara Lott [Facial]
Heather Wayne
Jessica Wylde
Kari Foxx [LezOnly]
Lana Burner

Billy Dee
Dan T. Mann
Greg Derek
Steve Drake

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Heather Wayne, Kari Foxx
Scene 2. Lana Burner, Steve Drake
Scene 3. Jessica Wylde, Greg Derek
Scene 4. Ami Rodgers, Cara Lott, Dan T. Mann
Scene 5. Cara Lott, Dan T. Mann
Scene 6. Heather Wayne, Billy Dee



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