Ein Lasterhafter Sommer (1981)

Alternate Titles
Caliente Amor de Verano
Die heisse Liebe eines Sommers
Hot Summer Love
Hot Summer Love in Ibiza
Sin bragas y a lo loco

Director: Rolf Juschi as Gérard Loubeau

Astrid Bone
Carole Pierac
Francisca Navarro plays the maid
Isabelle Brell as Marisa Graci
Nicole Segaud as Helene Shirley
Silvia Darney plays a prostitute (?)


Alban Ceray (Alban Ceret on the Spanish poster)
Gabriel Pontello
Dany Berger
Jaime Bascu plays Alban’s manservant
unidentified – three male visitors to Alban’s villa

full version : 2 h 5 min
All the non-sex scenes, all the hardcore is there
Language: German

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