Flesh and Laces 1 (1983)

Cast: Shauna Grant, Crystal Lake, Rosa Lee Kimball, Tamara Longley, Drea, Lynx Canon, Sparky Vacs, Jamie Gillis, Dan Mann, Joey Silvera, Don Fernando,Bill Margold, John Stagliano

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Cathy Coffer, John Stagliano
  • Scene 2. Shauna Grant, Dan T. Mann
  • Scene 3. Rosa Lee Kimball, Paul Harmon, Jeff Lyle, Bill Margold
  • Scene 4. Crystal Lake, Joey Silvera
  • Scene 5. Crystal Lake, Sparky Vasc, Don Fernando, Jack Mason
  • Scene 6. Tamara Longley, Jamie Gillis

Language: English


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