For Services Rendered (1985)

Get ready for the wildest sexpionage caper ever. You can bet your Aston-Martin that crack secret agent James Bomb will sniff out many a foreign affair as payment in full For Services Rendered.


Bridgette Monet [Facial]
Cyndee Summers
Greta Geist [NonSex]
Heather Thomas
Maria Tortuga [Facial]


Alan Adrian
David Cannon
F. Powers Gireau [NonSex]
Ian MacGregor [NonSex]
Rick Cassidy

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Maria Tortuga, Alan Adrian
Scene 2. girl, guy
Scene 3. Bridgette Monet, David Cannon
Scene 4. Heather Thomas, David Cannon
Scene 5. Maria Tortuga, David Cannon
Scene 6. Maria Tortuga, guy
Scene 7. Cyndee Summers, Rick Cassidy




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