French Cleaners (1986)

Ebony Ayes
Lorrie Lovett [A]
Mauvais DeNoir
Sherry Evans (as Sheri Evans)
Tami White

Dan T. Mann
Gary Vann (as Dean Gary)
Tony El-Ay

Description: When a stuffy businessman declares himself disgusted with the condition of his house, his voluptuous black cock refuses to take the blame. His pretty, spoiled daughter is not interested enough to stop playing with herself. But his lovely wife is quick to suggest the services of a professional mop-and-blow team. As soon as the cleaning crew arrives, the in-and-out excitement begins.
Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Lorrie Lovett, Tony El-Ay
Scene 2. Ebony Ayes, Mauvais DeNoir, Gary Vann
Scene 3. Sherry Evans, Tami White
Scene 4. Lorrie Lovett, Dan T. Mann
Scene 5. Sherry Evans, Gary Vann
Scene 6. Tami White, Dan T. Mann

English Sound with dutch branded Subs





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