From Rags To Riches (1988)


Starring: Barbii, Lauryl Canyon, Tawna, Bianca, Kathleen Gentry, Randy West, Max DeLong, Lora Ann, Dave Sanders.

Barbii brings her dazzling natural assets to this torrid tale of a country gal who gets caught up in the Big City’s fast-paced lifestyle. She plans to stay with a gal pal, but when she goes to the address she has, Barbii finds out that her friend has moved away! Now she’s stuck with no job, no money and no place to live! She’s rescued from her situation by swarthy pimp Ray Victory, who takes her under his wing and teaches her the ropes of pay-for-play passion. Barbii goes from street walker to madam in a hurry, especially once she hooks up with kinky politician Randy West. It’s a heated Horacio Alger story that ends on a naughty note, and a must-see for fans of Barbii and her mouthwatering charms.



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