Geisha Princess (1960)

Year: 1960
Country: Europe-America
Genre: All Sex, Classics, Oral
Duration: 00:53:50
Language: English

Director: no
Studio: Historic Erotica

Cast: Alice Wong, Debbie Chin, Jannice Tran, Chris, Tanya Chai, Andy Warhole, Jee Sukothai, Krist Cabrera, Krissi, Shelby, Wei, Andre.

Description: From the outer reaches of the Far East to the Chinatown section of San Francisco comes a mouth watering collection of tasty Asian morsels, all eagerly pursuing the pleasures of the flesh before your eagerly awaiting eyes. Beautiful slop-eyed women, with long black hair cascading down their backs and over curvy found asses, are only too happy to please both their partners and themselves in a non-stop frenzy of sexual action. Oriental Brides, Chinese fortune cookie nookie, and salacious servant girls are all here to do your sexual bidding in Geisha Princess.




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