Genderella (1999)


Starring: Drew Andrews, Lilienne Li, Chris Ramone, Boy Mike, Adam Alden, Lana Luster, Janis Jones, Brad Eriksen, James Perry, Geneva, Traci, Gino Gultier, Gina, Karen Dior.

At the stroke of midnight she loses more than her slipper! In Karen Dior’s own take on a classic fairy tale; a prince longs to find the foot that fits perfectly into the glass slipper. Little does he know, a surprise is in store for him when he sees just what kind of lady the foot belongs to.
A cute idea for a porn flick and well done. Gina plays the poor girl cursed by two wicked stepsisters and the step mom from hell and the story holds sort of true to form. There is a ball (or rather, there are a lot of balls) and the costumes are well done in a campy Mardi Gras way (my how these “girls” love those full skirts. The highlight of the flick is the transformation that Gina goes through after midnight.




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