Ghoul Sex Squad (1991)

Gan Shi Yan Tan (original title)
Ghoul Sex Squad – World-wide (english title)

Cast: Chiao-Niang Chin, Niao-Wang Lan, Mei-Chiao Lin, Lo Pa, Li-Ching Tsui, Ai-Hua Tu, Jun-Fa Tu

Description; This is a curious movie, juxtaposing the ‘hopping vampire’ genre with porn sex scenes. Fairly low budget yet convincingly looking like the period piece it purports to be, it is a semi-comedy that suddenly jumps to explicit penetration shots – the first one with a ‘necr0ph!l!a’ slant to it. Amidst the vampires and porn there is also a smidgin of kung fu and a little sorcery effects.



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