Gierig, geil und nimmersatt (1977)


Released: 1977
Director: Claude Mulot as Frédéric Lansac

Alternate Titles

* La grande baise
* The Big Fuck ?
* Delicias secretas
* Das Geisterschloß der Lüste West Germany, VFL
* Gierig, geil und nimmersatt West Germany, Beate Uhse
* Sexual Circles USA
* Swingers’ Matinee according to Shocking Videos


* Barbara Moose
* Carole Gire archive footage
* Dawn Cumming archive footage
* Emmanuelle Rivière footage from Délires
* Erika Cool archive footage
* Karine Gambier original and archive footage
* Olivia Flores archive footage
* Siegried Cellier possibly archive footage
* Sylvia Bourdon archive footage, film within a film

French and English




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