Ginger Lynn Non Stop (1988)


Debra Lynn
Ginger Lynn
Janey Robbins
Lisa De Leeuw
Susan Hart

NonSex Performers:
Lisa Lake
Suze Randall

Harry Reems
Howard Ziehm (as Linus Gator)
Marc Wallice
Paul Baressi
Peter North
Steve Powers
Tony El-Ay

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems
Scene 2. Ginger Lynn, Janey Robbins, Susan Hart, Peter North
Scene 3. Ginger Lynn, Susan Hart
Scene 4. Ginger Lynn, Marc Wallice
Scene 5. Ginger Lynn, Paul Baressi, Steve Powers
Scene 6. Lisa De Leeuw
Scene 7. Howard Ziehm
Scene 8. Debra Lynn, Ginger Lynn, Tony El-Ay

The most successful and sinfully sensational nymphette to ever grace the blue screen, Ginger Lynn, scorches the celluloid for you in this “Non-Stop” volume. See hot interracial and pounding anal action as only Ginger can dish out – as well as luscious lesbian escapades! Ginger Lynn and friends proudly unveil, “Ginger-Lynn Non-Stop” for your amorous erotic pleasure.

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