Girls Who Love Girls 12 (1989)


Blondi [LezOnly]
Colleen Brennan [LezOnly]
Desiree Lane [LezOnly]
Erica Boyer [LezOnly]
Lauryl Canyon [LezOnly]
Nina Hartley [LezOnly]
Ona Z [LezOnly]
Porsche Lynn [LezOnly]
Sharon Kane [LezOnly]
Sharon Mitchell [LezOnly]
Stephanie Rage [LezOnly]

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Lauryl Canyon, Nina Hartley
Scene 2. Porsche Lynn, Sharon Kane
Scene 3. Stephanie Rage
Scene 4. Blondi, Erica Boyer, Sharon Mitchell
Scene 5. Ona Z, Porsche Lynn
Scene 6. Colleen Brennan, Desiree Lane

A cast full of hardcore legends keeps this edition of the all-female series sizzling from start to feverish finish. Each scene sparkles with unleashed lesbian desire as these girl-groping gals do their best to drive one another into a frenzy of orgasmic lust. The cast is headed by Nina Hartley, showing off her tight curves and boundless enthusiasm during a tenacious tryst that leaves everyone on the set completely spent! Porsche Lynn shares her svelte figure with her fellow femmes as well, reveling in their touch and finding herself swept away on a current of fleshly fun. With other legendary performers like Desiree Lane and Sharon Kane on hand, this is one all-girl collection that’s sure to please!




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