Global Warming Debutantes 7 (1997)

Stars: Irina, Leila, Sandi, Kelly Adams (as Wanda), Ed Powers, Faceless Fan, Vadim

  • Scene 1. Irina, Vadim
  • Scene 2. Kelly Adams, Ed Powers
  • Scene 3. Leila, Ed Powers
  • Scene 4. Leila, Sandi, Ed Powers, Faceless Fan

Sexy Sandi is a real Hungarian cutie! This blonde sex goddess lets me take her on an anl adventure she’ll never forget! And she’s got a friend! Leila is dark and beautiful, with a commanding tare. She gets in on the fun, and believe me it’s intense! Vadim and Irina join in the sexual frenzy that is Global Warming! It’s a total meltdown! We’ll also meet lovely Wanda. She’s so sweet, oh to have those eyes looking up at me while she sucks me! To penetrate her from behind, while she so eagerly urges me on … It’s every man’s dream and I’ve live it! Be there!





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