Heisse Schulmadchenluste (1984)

Alternate Titles
Le Calde liceali – Italy
Heiße Bräute auf der Schulbank – soft version
Sex mit 17

Anne Karna plays Elfie, a student
Eleonore Melzer plays Gertrude Geiger, the headmaster’s wife
Sybille Sting
Uschi Karnat plays Lydia, Dr. Brenner’s girlfriend
Veronica Moser plays Anita, a student
XNK4777 as Sybille Sting or uncredited, plays Greta, a student
XNK4778 as Sybille Sting or uncredited, plays Carola, a student (non-sex)
XNK4779 as Sybille Sting or uncredited, plays a student (non-sex)


Rolf Ernser plays Dr. Roland Brenner, the chemistry teacher
Hans-Peter Kremser plays Hannes, a student
Sepp Gneissl plays Wilhelm Geiger, the headmaster (non-sex)

Language: German



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