Honeymoon in Paradise (1985)

Heisse Lust im Paradies
Honeymoon in Paradise
L’ile des jouissances sauvages
Caldo capriccio di donna Italy
Canarie isola del piacere Italy, Video Europa
Hot Holidays West Germany, Mike Hunter
Hardcore In The Canary Islands (1987)
Voluptés aux Canaries

Cast: Carole Pierac, Jessica Stehl (as Jessy Gory), Marilyn Jess, Melissa Bonsardo, Michele Leska, Michelle Davy

Scene 1. Marilyn Jess, Jacky Arnal
Scene 2. girl, Jean-Pierre Armand
Scene 3. Michele Leska
Scene 4. Jessica Stehl, Michelle Davy
Scene 5. Michelle Davy, Andre Kay
Scene 6. Jessica Stehl, Michelle Davy, Andre Kay, Betrand Corne
Scene 7. Melissa Bonsardo, Michele Leska
Scene 8. Carole Pierac, Melissa Bonsardo, Michele Leska, Andre Kay, Christoph Clark, Piotr Stanislas

German Version

English Version


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