Hot Body Competition: Beverly Hills Hot Legs Contest (1997)

Starring: Alicia, Samantha, Vanessa D’Ante, Tara, Andrea, Miss Katt, Alex, Donniel,
Ashley Williams, Crystal Knight, Susan, Juliette, Taylor, Halie, Nikki Nova, Crickett, Lydia, Kira, Jessica Elle

Description: John Cross and the Hot Body crazies finally pay tribute to pins, wheels, gams, whatever you like to call them. It’s a crowd-pleasing
nude contest featuring unbelievable new talent. GREAT LEGS, succulent bodies and a good time by all. Also, see nine sexy, outrageous private dances
with Tara, Donniel, Susan, Crystal Knight, Halie, Katt, Crickett, Taylor and Nikki. Do you want to know what kind of shoes they wear for this contest? No? Well that’s okay,
you can still watch these sexy girls get undressed backstage in preparation for the contest. If you’re a die-hard leg lover or just appreciate fine women, then this is a must for you!




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