Hot Erection 1: Ibiza, Düsseldorf, Herne (1995)

Actresses: Gina Colany, Sunny Star (aka Sunny Lennox), Cindy Carrera, Ariana Bali, Lidija Sunjerga
Actors: Mammuth, Franco Roccaforte, Michael (aka Stanley Heiss)

scene breakdowns
Scene 1 – Gina Colany, Cindy Carrera (lez)
was shot during the Ibiza session (1993)
Scene 2 – Ariana Bali, Mammuth
Scene 3 – Sunny Lennox, Cindy Carrera (lez)
Scene 4 – Katja Reber lookalike, Franco Roccaforte
Scene 5 – Lidija Sunjerga (as Lydia), Michael (aka Stanley Heiss)
although it looks like, it´s not taken from “Das Frivole Mietshaus (1993)

The movie compilation „Hot Erection 1 – Ibiza, Düsseldorf, Herne“
(Cat.No. HE-01) was released by BB Video in 1995. German language.




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