Hot Seat (1986)

Year: 1986
Country: USA
Genre: Classic
Duration: 1:14:10
English language

Directed by: Damon Christian
Studio: AVC

Starring: Actresses:
Bambi Allen [IR]
Jeannie Pepper [IR]
Tish Ambrose [BJOnly IR]
Tracey Adams

Jason Brooks
Jeff Scott
Steve Drake

Description: A judge, stuck home with a leg injury, suspects his neighbor of infidelity … and murder.

Scene Breakdowns:

Scene 1. Tracey Adams
Scene 2. Bambi Allen, Jeff Scott
Scene 3. Tracey Adams, Jason Brooks
Scene 4. Bambi Allen, Tish Ambrose
Scene 5. Bambi Allen, Jeannie Pepper, Tish Ambrose, Steve Drake
Scene 6. Bambi Allen, Jeannie Pepper, Tish Ambrose, Jason Brooks





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