How do you like it? (1985)



Helga Sven
Melanie Scott
Pamela Jennings [BJOnly]
Robin Cannes
Sharon Mitchell


Hershel Savage
Jamie Gillis
John Leslie
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Sharon Mitchell, Jamie Gillis
Scene 2. Robin Cannes, Hershel Savage
Scene 3. Melanie Scott, Jamie Gillis
Scene 4. Sharon Mitchell, John Leslie
Scene 5. Aurora, Pamela Jennings, Hershel Savage
Scene 6. Aurora, Tom Byron
Scene 7. Helga Sven, Hershel Savage
Scene 8. Sharon Mitchell, Jamie Gillis

Jamie Gillis plays a not-too successful psychologist who finally puts two and two together and comes up with a winning proposition-open a brothel in his office at night and really put his steamy bedside manner to work! But how is he going to keep his luscious wife in the dark about this horny business venture? Can he count on his tantalizing new employees to keep their mouths shut?




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