Couple “libere” cherche compagne “liberee” (1981)

Alternate Titles

* Blue Pussycat (1987, Video Mirage 021), probably the same film
* Junges Paar sucht Gleichgesinntes (Germany, Tabu DVD)
* Matrimonio liberado busca pareja liberada (Spain)


Cathy Dupré plays a butter saleswoman
Cathy Stewart plays first secretarial applicant
Laura Clair plays second secretarial applicant
Marianne Aubert plays Dorothy
Nicole Segaud plays a widow
Obaya Roberts plays Ingrid, the Swedish neighbor
Vanessa [2] uncredited, plays the hotel maid
XNK0674 garage owner’s wife


Guy Royer plays Alex
Jean-Pierre Armand plays Sven, Obaya’s husband
Alban Ceray plays the hotel owner
Claude Valmont plays the garage owner
Hubert Géral plays insurance salesman #1
André Kay plays insurance salesman #2
two male hotel guests
the cop

Audio 1:  [French]
Audio 2:  [English]
Audio 3:  [German]

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