Hua jie kuang ben (1992)

Production year: 1992
Country : Hong Kong
Genre : Erotica / Drama
Duration: 01:37:12

Director : Lung Wei Wang
Studio : Ocean Shores Entertainment

Cast : Pauline Chan, Billy Chow, Sophia Crawford

Description : Hung and Ann (Pauline Chan and Rena Murakami) are down-on-their luck prostitutes trapped in Hong Kong.Pauline ‘s boyfriend, Sam back in China, who is under the impression that she is away working at a factory, is double- crossed by Billy Chow, and while looking to escape; flees for Hong Kong and winds up at the brothel where Pauline is employed.He is crushed when he finds out the truth … “Escape from the Brothel” combines plenty of gory fighting, romance, sleaze including several violent and unpleasant rape scenes and comedy, all into one.There is plenty of full-frontal female nudity and I’m not complaining about that.The violence is rather brief until the full-blooded finale, although one scene where a woman is strung up and has her nipples wired to a portable electric generator is strong stuff even for Cat III sleaze.A must-see for die-hard fans of smut!

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