I Am Curious Black (1987)

Director: Bubba Kahn
Minutes: 72

* Angel Kelly
* Brittany Stryker [Anal DP IR]
* Lois Ayres [IR]
* Sade [Anal Facial]
* Tanya Foxx [Anal Facial IR]

* F.M. Bradley
* Frank James
* Hershel Savage
* Robbie Dee
* Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. Hershel Savage, Lois Ayres
* Scene 2. Frank James, Sade
* Scene 3. Angel Kelly, Lois Ayres
* Scene 4. Angel Kelly, F.M. Bradley, Lois Ayres
* Scene 5. F.M. Bradley, Tom Byron, Tanya Foxx
* Scene 6. Frank James, Sade, Tom Byron
* Scene 7. F.M. Bradley, Robbie Dee, Brittany Stryker

Fans of interracial action will not want to miss this classic update of the controversial mainstream film Watermelon Man. Spicy blonde Lois Ayres stars as a woman who finds herself constantly fantasizing about sex with black men, much to the chagrin of her husband Herschel Savage. Everything changes, though, when he slips and falls in the shower. He gets up and finds that he’s turned into ebony super-stud F.M. Bradley! He hides in the closet while he figures out what to do, only to discover that Lois is enjoying some Sapphic sizzle with naughty neighbor Sade. Things really start to get heated up when Dr. Tom Byron shows up to look into the strange case. He brings along nubile nurse Tiffany Storm to help him get to the bottom of things, but they mainly end up getting into one slam-bang sexual encounter after another. They never do quite figure out what’s gotten into Herschel — maybe because they spend so much time trysting with all the lascivious locals. With an interesting, well-written plot and loads of blistering sex (including an awe-inspiring deep throat scene featuring Byron and nurse Tiffany), this one’s truly got something for everyone.




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