Jewel Of The Night (1986)


Peter Moss

Bunnie Blake, Gina Carrera, Honey Wilder, Patti Petite, Sharon Mitchell,
Billy Dee, Hershel Savage, Kevin James, Nick Random

Gina Carrera and Sharon Mitchell star as a pair of high-end sexual therapists in this tantalizing treat. The gals run their erotic outfit from their plush estate, inviting clients over for a decadent dose of pure passion. And just what is their therapy? Well, Sharon hypnotizes the subject, who then believes that he or she is actually having sex with whoever appears on the TV screen before them. Things get complicated when sexy policewoman Patti Petite decides to see just what goes on behind closed doors. But she soon finds out that a little sexual healing is just what she needs, too! Reality and fantasy merge as therapy quickly turns into utter carnal bliss. A dazzling dose of mid-80s heat!




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