Katze Sucht Kater (1986)


Alternate Titles
Brividi caldi sulle labbra di mia moglie
Gros culs vierges à défoncer – re-issue title
Katze zucht Kater – West Germany
Fesses vierges à l’essai aux Caraïbes
Maniers d’amour – stolen title?

Amanda Shell
Chantal Trobert girl on motorcycle
Eva Kleber ? in footage lifted from another film
Karoline Houtart orgy scene
Laetitia Thomas plays the female lead
Marie-France orgy scene
Marilyn Jess in footage lifted from Vacances à Ibiza
Michelle Davy
Mina Houghe plays the sheikh’s wife

Males –

Ghislain Garet
Eric Dray
Franck Balard
Jacky Arnal
the husband of Chantal Trobert
couple of other males
the sheikh (non-sex


Language: German



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