KSEX (1978)


Starring: Beth Sanders, Beverly Rogers, Bonnie Holiday [Facial], Brigit Olson [Anal], Jane Lindsay [BJOnly Facial], Juliet Anderson [Facial], Serena [Anal Facial IR], Shanna Kramer, Bill Wilson, Blair Harris, Bob Johnson, David Ruby, Earl Robbins, Hans Van Dyk, John Black, Keith Webster, Michael Morrison, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas.

Description: A bawdy, ribald tape focusing around the carnal exploits of the only female disk jockey at radio station K-SEX. Lust fills the airwaves and before the next spot, the control room is laden with groaning groupies. Naturally, among other things, the ratings do go higher! This is one radio station you’ll never stop listening to!

Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. Bonnie Holiday, girl, Michael Morrison, Mike Horner
* Scene 2. girl, Serena, David Ruby
* Scene 3. girl, Serena, guy, John Black
* Scene 4. Juliet Anderson, Blair Harris, Paul Thomas
* Scene 5. Brigit Olson, Jane Lindsay
* Scene 6. Brigit Olson, Jane Lindsay, guy




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