La comtesse Ixe (1976)

Alternate Titles
La Comtesse Ixe
La Comtesse X
Countess Ixe
The Countess X (Pink Flamingo DVD box cover title)
Suceuses Chaudes
Sueurs Chaudes


Carole Gire as Chris Martin, plays Carole, the maid to the baron
Catherine Castel plays a party guest
Jackie Dartois plays the baroness
Julie Bouche as Antonia, plays a party guest
Karine Gambier plays the real countess, a late arrival at the party/orgy
Rachel Mhas plays the masked burglar and fake countess
Sandrine Pernelle plays a party guest


Alban Ceray plays the baron
Cyril Val plays a party guest
Patrice Maranzzano plays a party guest
Guy Royer plays a party guest
Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, uncredited, plays Arsène Picsou, the thief in white

Original French audio with English (default), Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish subtitles.



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