La Femme aux bas noirs (1982)


* Cathy Ménard as Cathy, plays Virginie
* Dominique Saint Claire as Don’Pat (cover) or Don Pat, plays Carole
* Marina plays the first victim
* Olivia Flores as Moannie, plays girl in the sex club


*Yves Callas, as Yves Collas, plays Carole’s husband & the janitor, non-sex
* Jean-Pierre Armand, as Jean-Pierre (J.P. Armand on the box), plays a plumber
* Alain L’Yle plays a plumber
* Gabriel Pantello, as Gabriel Pantelo on the box, plays the man in the limo
* André Kay, as André Key on the box, plays the man in the sex club
* Michel de Nyokinos plays the man in the bar restroom

Language: French



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