La Prof’ d’Anglais (1978)

Info from IMBD :

Easy (1978)

Director: Anthony Spinelli
Writer: Jack Livingston (screenplay)
Release Date: 21 January 1983 (Japan)

Tagline: It’s more than her name, it’s her way of life!

Plot: A young woman’s search for love and affection brings her nothing but trouble.

Cast (Credited cast)

Jessie St. James… Kate (as Jesie St. James)
Richard Pacheco… Boy (as Dewey Alexander)
Bob Bernharding… Jeff
Desiree Cousteau… Ann (as Deseree Clearbranch)
Ronald Davis… Steve
Laurien Dominique… Val
Dan Howard… Jock
Georgina Spelvin… Janet
Anthony Spinelli… Man in Bar (as George Spelvin)
Ken Scudder… Piano Tuner (as Grant Stockton)
Mike Horner… Matt (as Johnny Wilson)
Jack Wright… Victor

Runtime: 80 min
Country: USA
Company: Skylark Productions

Scene Breakdowns from IAFD (US version)
• Scene 1. Jessie St. James, Dan Howard
• Scene 2. Jessie St. James, Richard Pacheco
• Scene 3. Jessie St. James, Ken Scudder
• Scene 4. Jessie St. James, Jack Wright
• Scene 5. Laurien Dominique, Ronald Davis
• Scene 6. Desiree Cousteau, guy
• Scene 7. Jessie St. James, Jack Wright
• Scene 8. Georgina Spelvin, Jesie St. James
• Scene 9. Jessie St. James, Mike Horner



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