Lady In Fall (1988)

Alternate Titles
Moonrise 5 – Lady in Fall

Biggi Staudinger as Vanessa Bel Air
Hélène Chevalier as Hellene Chevalier, and as a blonde
Joy Karin’s as Valerie Dupont
Sandra de Largo as Nadine Cool

Males –

Frank Digger (as Frank Digge on the boxcover)
Rainer Abendroth

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Helene Chevalier, Joy Karin’s, guy, Rainer Abendroth
Scene 2. Sandra De Largo, Vanessa Bel Air
Scene 3. Helene Chevalier, Joy Karin’s, Sandra De Largo, Vanessa Bel Air, guy, Rainer Abendroth

Language: German (Dubbed)



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