Le Sexe Qui Parle (1975)

Alternate Titles
La Passera parlante
Pussy Talk – in USA
El Sexo que Habla – Spain, Savor

Anne Millet
Béatrice Harnois plays young Joelle
Danièle Nègre uncredited, the girl in the film within a film
Ellen Earl probably body double for anal, plays the psychiatrist
Emmanuelle Dhomme
Francoise Vandelle plays Joelle’s classmate
Pénélope Lamour plays Joelle, body double used for vaginal penetration
Suzy Whys
Sylvia Bourdon plays Tante (Aunt) Barbara
XNK0400 girl who ‘infects’ Joelle
XNK0401 blonde at party (non-sex)
XNK0403 g/g/g with Tante Barbara


Jean-Loup Philippe as Nils Hortzs plays Eric
Vicky Messica plays Richard Sadler, the journalist
Claude Dupont (aka Jean Roche?) plays the schoolteacher
Pierre Tourneur plays the priest
Jacques Gateau plays one of the men in cinema
Pierre Humeau plays one of the men in cinema
Luis Andersen
Frank Lefeuvre
Roger Merle

Language: French ( black borders )

Language: German

Language: Spanish


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