Le Sexe Qui Parle (1975)


Also Known As (AKA):
Le Sexe Qui Parle France (original title)
Pussy Talk International (English title)
Talk USA (bowdlerized title)
The Sex Who Talks USA (literal English title)
To mouni pou milaei Greece (DVD title)
To sex pou milaei Greece
Pussy Talk


Starring: Anne Millet, Béatrice Harnois, Danièle Nègre, Ellen Earl, Emmanuelle Dhomme, Francoise Vandelle, Pénélope Lamour, Suzy Whys, Sylvia Bourdon, Jean-Loup Philippe as Nils Hortzs, Vicky Messica, Claude Dupont (aka Jean Roche?), Pierre Tourneur, Jacques Gateau, Pierre Humeau, Luis Andersen, Frank Lefeuvre, Roger Merle.

Joëlle (Pénélope Lamour) is a beautiful executive at an advertisement company. Her vagina is infected with a mysterious malice and begins to talk and lead her to indecent sexual acts. It is soon revealed that her problems root from her hardships as an adolescent. In the finale, she has sex with her husband Eric (Jean-Loup Philippe (as Nils Hortzs)) and passes the “infection” to his penis.





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