Le Sexe Qui Parle II (1977)

Le Sexe Qui Parle 2 (Pussy Talk 2) (1977)


* Barbara Moose uncredited, plays Ina, the maid in the laboratory
* Danièle Troeger uncredited, plays an English tourist
* Erika Cool plays the TV announcer
* France Lomay plays Patricia
* Gwenda Farnel plays Jackie Villeret
* Jenny Feeling plays Veronique
* Liliane Lemieuvre uncredited, plays one of the women in the final scene
* Lucie Doll uncredited, final scene
* XNK1243 woman on park bench, non-sex

Males –

* Richard Lemieuvre plays Charles Villeret
* Alban Ceray plays Laslo Viceroy
* Jean Louis Vattier, uncredited, plays the Villerets’ butler

French (default), English (track 2)

German Version


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