L’éducation anglaise (L’éducation d’ Orphelie) (1984/81)


Director: Michel Ricaud and Joe Wallach

Alternate Titles
• Education Anglaise – Laura Video
• L’Éducation d’Ophelia
• L’Éducation d’Orfelia
L’éducation d’ Orphelie


• Catherine Ringer as Claudia Mutti, plays la Maitresse
• Inga as Susane Larson, plays Orfelia
• Marianne Aubert as Karin Johansson, plays Sylvie
• XNK2433 as Daphne Perin or Laura Koch


• Jean-Pierre Armand (as Arnold Lund) plays the chauffeur
• Jean Charles (or Didier Leroy plays Charles)
• Alain Martin plays ‘Maitre’
• Carlo Rossi
• Peter Newman
• Guy Royer, not so credited, is one of the last two above

Language : French

L’éducation anglaise (1984)

L’éducation d’Orphélie (1981)


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