Lehrmädchen in Ekstase (1984)


Alternate Titles
* Fammi male amore mio – Italy
*  Lehrmädchen Ekstase – Dir. given as Youri Berko West Germany
*  Apprenties vicieuses
*  L’Initiation au vice – Ski’l video

Chantal Trobert as Noelle Fabiani, plays a model
Karoline Houtart uncredited, plays Didier Vermont’s dresser/make-up girl
Maggy Follet
Nadine B. as Laetitia Beauvais, plays Nicole Vermont


Gabriel Pontello plays a photograper, Didier Vermont, who iss married to Nadine B.
Alban Ceray plays Paul, Gabriel’s friend, and is married to Chantal Trobert
Jacky Arnal plays a chauffeur and friend of Chantal Trobert and Gabriel Pontello
Ghislain Garet plays M. Mero, the husband of Maggy Follett’s character

Language: German

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