Les Culottes de Charlotte (1982)


Alternate Titles
L’Innocenza perduta Italy

Actresses :
Cathy Menard as Kathy Menard, plays Isabelle St Preux
Claire Lenoir plays Charlotte
Dominique Saint Claire as Dominique Sinclair, plays Jessica, a call girl
Laura Clair as Laura Claire, plays Louisette, the maid
Marianne Aubert as Patricia Violet, plays Madamoiselle Favel, a piano teacher

Jean Laroche plays Emile Dussac, Charlotte‘s father
Ghislain Garet plays Arnaud St Preux (or Arnold in the English language version)
Jean-Pierre Armand plays Gerard, a worker on the estate, Dussacv’s bodyguard
Tom Cheney plays Didier

Language: French



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