Lesbian Love Slave (1970)

Year: 1970
Country: no
Genre: Oral Sex, Girl On Girl, Girl On Girl
Duration: 00:54:59
Language: English

Director: no
Studio: Historic Erotica

Cast: Boyer, Karen, Liz, Mary Beth, Chantel, Gish, Michelle, Audrey, Ingrid, Cheryl, Ilsa, Cathy, Nicole, Betty, Leslie

Description: Three gorgeous young hotties pleasure each others’ sweet pussies in this fantastic lesbian threesome. At first, cute brunette Trish is having her cunt licked by Laurie, gasping as she gets driven to an excellent orgasm by her flickering tongue. Then the girls join the third slut, whose name is Yancy and who has a fine head of blond hair, for this acrobatic oral threeway. The girls are partially dressed in lingerie, but your attention will be firmly fixed on their pussies as they bring each other off with superb oral sex technique. The girls lie in a circle on the bed so that no girl is left out and everyone has ample access to a vagina!




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