Lipstick Lesbians (1960)

Year: 1960
Country: Europe-America
Genre: All Sex, Classics, Oral
Duration: 00:53:50
Language: English

Directed by: n \ a
Studio: Historic Erotica

Starring: n \ a

Description: When HISTORIC EROTICA opens up its vaults to choose the best girl / girl footage from its vast collection of classic smokers, we’re not talking bulldykes from hell here! What we’ve searched for are the hottest, most desirable feminine babes ever to strap on a dildo and ream the cream out of their luscious counterparts. These dolls are LIPSTICK LESBIANS, and they do not need a man to satisfy their wanton desires. Group sex, vibrators, flying fingers, and thrashing tongues are served up in a diversified diet of pulsating pussy guaranteed to arouse even the most jaded videophile.




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