Little Angel Puss (1976)

LITTLE ANGEL PUSS is a teenage girl discovering her sexuality, pursuing her lustful urges, and dealing with the hardships they all ferment. After a failed experience with a boy her age, she tries another girl, then an older man, but the lust does not go away, nor is it satisfied. She runs away to the city where she finds a culture that embraces her deviant urges. Before long, she is addicted to heroin while in the grasp of a hustling pimp. Little Angel Puss gets more than she bargained for, but this nice nympho turned whore is just getting started. Shes out to f*ck the world.


Mira Vane [NonSex]
Joan Devlon (as Miss Giovanina)
Sharon Thorpe
Susan Catherine [LezOnly]


Al Nulli [NonSex]
Barry Vane (as Berry Vane) [NonSex]
David Book (as Dave Brooks)
John Schaeffer
Pharoah Amos (as Pharoh Amos) [NonSex]
Rick Lutze
Tyler Reynolds (as W. Tyler Horn)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Joan Devlon, Rick Lutze
Scene 2. Joan Devlon, John Schaeffer
Scene 3. Joan Devlon, Susan Catherine
Scene 4. Joan Devlon, Tyler Reynolds
Scene 5. Joan Devlon, Sharon Thorpe, David Book
Scene 6. Joan Devlon, Sharon Thorpe, David Book
Scene 7. Joan Devlon
Scene 8. Joan Devlon, David Book
Scene 9. Sharon Thorpe, David Book



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