Magma movie : Mosenpower (1990)

actresses: Biggi Mondi as Brigitte, Claudia Eckner, Karin, Uschi Karnat, Mara Bonner [as Marga (XNK2036)]
actors: Hans Clemens, Peter, Ingo (Rick Shadow)

scene breakdowns
Scene 1 – Biggi Mondi (as Brigitte, plays wife of the boss)
Scene 2 – Karin, boss
Scene 3 – Uschi Karnat (plays customer), Claudia Eckner, Rick Shadow (Ingo)
Scene 4 – Mara Bonner [as Marga (XNK2036)], Hans Clemens (plays car mechanic) + Karin, Rick Shadow (Ingo, plays car mechanic)
Scene 5 – Karin, Mara Bonner [as Marga (XNK2036)] (lesbo)
Scene 6 – Uschi Karnat, Claudia Eckner, Hans Clemens, Peter (plays car mechanic)






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