Moments Of Love (1984)

Starring: Rhonda Jo Petty, Mai Lin, Danielle, Heather Fields, Jade Wong, Lisa DeLeeuw, Nicole Black, Robin Everett, Billy Comes, David Morris, Hershel Savage, Jesse Adams, Joe Elliot, John Holmes, Leslie Taylor, Mike Horner, Noel Yagabuchi, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy, Weston Peace.

They open you up to new possibilities. Dr. Prober (Ron Jeremy) is a bonerfide member of the A.M.A. (Amorous Medical Association.) Fire-hot nurse Lisa De Leeuw can certainly testify to that! But their carnal office shenanigans lead to the horniest mix-up ever when the good doctor accidentally diagnoses tantalizing Tisa (Nicole Black) as having only six months to live. After a hot girl-girl comforting session with her sensuous roommate Mai Lin, Tisa decides to spend her last days writing a book on hookers. What a way to go! Her hands on research includes: luscious Lulu La Puta (Danielle), Cowboy Gus (Herschel Savage), a wild bachelor party orgy, and lots, lots more! Tisa’s investigation is so thorough (to put it mildly!) that her subsequent book is a bawdy best-seller. But then Dr. Prober discovers his mistake! Oh well, no hard feelings…or maybe there are! Tisa willingly joins the doctor and Lisa for some stimulating therapy that’s sure to inspire the first chapter to her saucy sequel.



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  1. I downloaded part 1 from RapidGator but part 2 is “not found”. All other links are dead. Can you please re-up part 2 so I can finally see this movie? Thanks!

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