Mr. Peepers’ Amateur Home Videos 37: Stairway To Heaven (1992)

Year: 1992
Country: USA
Genre: Amateur
Duration: 1:11:49
Language English

Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment

Starring: Actresses:
Angella Faith
Nikki Sinn [Anal IR]
Jake Steed
Jeff Coldwater

Description: File opens with 4mins of fairly explicit phone sex ads not connected directly to the film, I recognize at least two of the girls doing the phone ads but I can only identify one as, “Greta Carlson” without doing some further research (won ‘t be too hard if your interested and somewhat in the know).
This video is a low budget outing from an equally bargain basement series produced by the not so impressive seventies pioneer, occasional director hack, Bobby Hollander (former husband of Gloria Leonard).
The first scene with Nikki resembles a lot of modern gonzo porn in that there is a basic fictional story introduction where Jake as “Billy” picks up Nikki from an LA magazine stand takes her back to his luxury hotel room with spa bath, she shows off her bod while the cameraman and Jake drool over her like neanderthals, the camera glides around her curves, exploring them as she dirty talks and plays with herself, they then move into a hardcore modern american style of gonzo scene. This is possibly Nikki’s first ever scene as she is notably raw and non porno like with an unmissable late 80’s, early 90’s stadium glam rock style that includes all the accesories you can imagine (anyone would think she was promoting the cartoon, “Jem”) . Also, Nikki did not have her boob job yet. The other two scenes are amateur / casting type stuff, cut and pasted in order to make the running time close to feature length and not be lambasted by paying consumers.



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