Napoli-Parigi, Linea Rovente 1 (1991)


Alternate Titles

Napoli-Paris Part One
Sex Italie 1
Napoli-Paris: Hot on the Trail Part 1

Director:     Mario Salieri

Cast (in credits order)
Deborah Wells
Stephanie Rey
Tracey Adams
Charlene Roben
Miss France
Monica Sideri
Marina Sucelli
Isabelle Le May
Yves Dayard
Richard Voisin        (as Richard Voicin)
Philippe Soine
Christoph Clark        (as Christophe Clark)
Vincent Guerra
Mario De Sica
Carmelo Petix        (as Camelo Petix)
Esmond Walber
Ginny Chiesa
Sarah Young
Chessie Moore
Nick East
Jake Steed
Jonathan Morgan



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