Nasty Lady (1984)

Frühreife Großstadt Früchten

• Cassandra
• Erica Boyer
• Jade
• Shanna McCullough (as Jill Sauna)
• Lynx Canon
• Mai Lin
• Rita Ricardo
• Shirly Duke
• Susan Lynn
• Tara Aire
• NonSex Performers
• Phaery I. Burd (as Fay Burd)

• Blair Harris
• Dan T. Mann (as Danny Fisher)
• David Morris
• Gary Eberhart (as Gary Eberhardt)
• Hershel Savage (as Herschel Savage)
• Jamie Gillis (as Jaimie Gillis)
• Joe Elliot
• Kirk Sebrian (as Kirk Sabrian)
• Paul Thomas
• Rick Savage (as Rick Ross)
• Rocky Balboa (as Russ Black)
• NonSex Performers
• Don Fernando
• Elmo Lavino (as Joseph Queenberry)
• Nick Roberson
• Paul Harmon

Scene Breakdowns
• Scene 1. Lynx Canon, Hershel Savage
• Scene 2. Rita Ricardo, Paul Thomas
• Scene 3. Jade, Mai Lin, Blair Harris
• Scene 4. Tara Aire, David Morris
• Scene 5. Erica Boyer, Dan T. Mann
• Scene 6. Shirly Duke, Rocky Balboa
• Scene 7. Tara Aire, Jamie Gillis
• Scene 8. blonde, Hershel Savage
• Scene 9. asian girl, guy
• Scene 10. black girl, guy
• Scene 11. Shanna McCullough, Joe Elliot, Rick Savage
• Scene 12. brun, Gary Eberhart

Description: The story of a highly sexed and very charming country girl moving to the big city looking for love, excitement and erotic thrills. Tara Aire gives one of the best acting jobs of her career, playing the country girl J.J. who goes to San Francisco to meet her old high school friend Katy (played by Lynx Canon). Katy lives in a run-down hotel whose tenant are very sexually gifted people. Mai Lin and Jade, two oriental lovelies take an elevator ride and follow a man to his room for a wild orgy. J.J. goes to a neighborhood bar to watch her friend perform with a band. It soon turns into a live sex show and the audience participates in one of the largest orgies ever shot on film.

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