On The Loose (1987)

Director: Henri Pachard


* Jessica Wylde
* Krista Lane … The Hooker
* Nikki Knights
* Nina Hartley … Julie
* Shanna McCullough … Kelly

* Jon Martin … Mike
* Mike Horner
* Paul Thomas
* Tom Byron … Dan

Scenes Breakdown:

* Scene 1. Nina Hartley, Jon Martin
* Scene 2. Krista Lane, Tom Byron
* Scene 3. Shanna McCullough, Mike Horner
* Scene 4. Krista Lane, Shanna McCullough
* Scene 5. Tom Byron, Jessica Wylde
* Scene 6. Nina Hartley, Jon Martin, Nikki Knights
* Scene 7. Shanna McCullough, Tom Byron


Nina Hartley and Jon Martin star as a married couple who still have a killer sex life after many years together. One day, while doing their thing, they discuss the break up of long-time lovers Shanna McCullough and Tom Byron, and they start to think of all the fun both of them are going to have on the loose. Their lovemaking grows even more intense as they picture it all. And they don’t know the half of it! Tom gets hooker Krista Lane to help him get over his broken heart, and Shanna is comforted by her buffed new boyfriend. But in the end they decide that they should get back together and live happily ever after. It’s a fast-paced romp that delivers hot sex and ravishing romance in equal measure.





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