Once Upon A Time 7 – The Snow Queen






2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time 7 – The Snow Queen”

  1. The Filejoker links don’t work – they say “Secure Connection Failed”. I have tried it several times on 3 different machines. The K2s links are dead and the NitroFlare sites say you must be a premium member. Can someone fix these links please?

    1. Hey Gil! I experience this “Secure Connection Failed” problem myself quite often. This happens even with premium. There are a few things you can try. With filejoker, what I did is send them a report of the problem and they fixed it in a couple of days or so. They at first, removed the files and if you clicked on the links, you’d get the “this file has been removed by the owner or for violation of terms” usual message for dead links. But after a day or so, the files were restored and I was able to download them. With keep2share, I receive this message with links downloaded only from specific locations and this happens with premium. In this case, you can use a download manager to download these files. And the last solution I know of is to google “Secure Connection Failed” and they provide information on how to adjust your browser settings to work around the problem until the site fixes the problem which seems to be coming from their end. Hope this works for you! If anyone else knows what can be done about this, please comment!

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