Passage Thru Pamela (1985)

Year: 1985
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, sex, oral
Duration: 1:17:17

Directed by: Tom De Simone
Studio: VCA Pictures


Barbie Dahl
Kimberly Carson
Sarah Bernard
Sharon Kane
Sheer Delight


Ashley Moore
David Christopher
Joe Santini
Johnny Nineteen

Appearance can be deceiving …. Are you ready for a totally unique erotic experience? Are you ready to go through Pamela? Pamela – Argentine beauty, which has all the information to become a model in New York. But Pamela is the secret, which no one had guessed. Climbing the world’s fastest high-gloss sexy models, Pamela relate to its activity with the utmost responsibility and its strong Latin charm. But once a competing agency decides to show the truth about Pamela. They set the stage for one of the more unusual highlights in the history of erotic films …

Extras. Info:
* Scene 1. Barbie Dahl, Johnny Nineteen
* Scene 2. Joe Santini, Pamela
* Scene 3. Sharon Kane, Pamela
* Scene 4. Ashley Moore, Kimberly Carson
* Scene 5. Sharon Kane, Kimberly Carson, Joe Santini
* Scene 6. Johnny Nineteen, Pamela
* Scene 7. Frank Serrone, Sarah Bernard
* Scene 8. David Christopher, Sheer Delight





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