Perverted Stories 12: Mind Fuck (1997)

Year: 1997
Genre: Anal, Group, All Sex
Duration: 1:35:53
English language

Director: Jim Powers
Studio: JM Productions

Starring: Candy Apples, Chandler, Micky Lynn, Napoleon, Eric Apache, Kyle Stone, Dave Hardman, Rick Masters, Christian Steele, Tony Eveready, Dr. Thomas Gunn M.D., Tina Miller

Description: Mind Fuck: More Stories To Corrupt The Mind!

The Hunger – food, I need more food! The giant behemoth yelled as his naked minions scampered to fill his hunger. But he needed more and more he would get in the shape of a beautiful whore. Watch in amazement as this 400lb stud of a man eats 20 lbs of cake off a beautiful lass as his love slaves fill every hole of hers with man meat.

Naked Came the Stranger – somewhere deep in America’s heartland, a young lady sits down to her piano lessons. She runs through the scales as her teachers have taught her, but she has not been trained for what is about to transpire, for at the window is a naked lusting man with depraved thoughts on his mind. Should she let him in? Her lustful side says yes but her conscience says not. Who will win?

The Slave – you fucking loser! Weak limp sack of shit. Stay in that cage, shouted the German bitch with the whip. You bitch, suck my dick, yelled the African American as he entered the room and showed the spineless worm of a man in the cage what screwing is all about. All a slave can do is jerk off and watch as the bitch gets screwed up the ass.

The Bums – she just wanted to take a shortcut down the alley. Little could she suspect that she would run into a couple of drunks, who would pursue her into a demented world of carnal desires. Watch in wide-eyed awe as a midget and a bum break into dance at the sight of a masturbating woman hanging in a leather contraption. It’s anal midget madness as love tears its ugly head. Holy Macarena!




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