Pink and Pretty (1986)

Also Known As
Pink ‘n Pretty

They may look Pink ‘n’ Pretty but when four horny housewives take a self defense class…watch out! First, Carol (Danielle) puts a hot head-lock on a well endowed burglar. Then she and Alice (newcomer, Alicia Robbins) pick up a stud-hitchhiker and use their face smothering holds on him! But the action doesn’t stop here. After tigress Amber Lynn gets done servicing her boyfriend, housewife Betty sneaks in the room and uses her new aggressive skills on the willing dude! And when there isn’t a guy around, these hellcats savor female flesh in a three-way tussle of lesbian lusciousness. Blam-O! these battling beauties do it all…and more!

Jack Remy

Alicia Robbins
Amber Lynn
Danielle [Facial]
Porsche Lynn (as Porshe Lynn)
Vanessa D’Oro (as Vannessa)

Randy West (as Andy Abrams)
Buck Adams
Hershel Savage

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Danielle, Buck Adams
Scene 2. Alicia Robbins, Danielle, Francois
Scene 3. Amber Lynn, Randy West
Scene 4. Porsche Lynn, Randy West
Scene 5. Vanessa D’Oro
Scene 6. Danielle, Vanessa D’Oro
Scene 7. Porsche Lynn, Hershel Savage
Scene 8. Danielle, Vanessa D’Oro, Buck Adams





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