Pleasures Of A Woman (1972)


Year: 1972
Country: USA
Duration: 59:35
Genre: Drama, Adult, Lesbian

Directed by: Nick Millard
Studio: Dyle Films 69

Uschi Digard … Martine
Lynn Harris … Gwen

Description: Martine (Uschi Digart) wants her husband Brian’s wealth. Using her magnificent and luxurious body to lethal precision, Martine causes his death by heart attack. But she discovers that one person still stands in her way of “easy street,” and that person is Lynn – Brian’s beautiful niece. Lynn is the sole beneficiary of his will, and she comes to live with Martine for a short time. Using Lynn’s fondness of her to an advantage, Martine introduces the blossoming nymphet to her lustful female friends, a life-style of excess, and the splendors of uninhibited lesbian encounters!




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