Potere (1991)

Also Known As
Delires Italiens (French version)
Stairway to Heaven (German version)

Mario Salieri

Charlene Roben [Anal Facial CumSwap IR]
Jeanna Fine [Facial]
Magdalena Meyer (as Magdalena) [CumSwap]
Misty McCaine (as Misty Mc Kayn) [Anal Facial CumSwap IR]
Sunny McKay (as Sunny Mc Kay) [Facial CumSwap IR]
Zara Whites (as Zara White) [Facial]

Sean Michaels (as Andr?)
Franco D’Alessi [NonSex]
Unknown Male 44645-B (as Marco Neri or Peter Dalmont) [NonSex]
Unknown Male 44645-A (as Marco Neri or Peter Dalmont) [NonSex]
Rally van Kamp (as Rally Wodman)
Unknown Male 201179-A [MastOnly]
Unknown Male 44645-C [NonSex]
Yves Baillat

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Jeanna Fine, Yves Baillat
Scene 2. Charlene Roben, Rally van Kamp
Scene 3. Misty McCaine, Sean Michaels
Scene 4. Charlene Roben, Sunny McKay, Rally van Kamp
Scene 5. Magdalena Meyer, Misty McCaine, Yves Baillat
Scene 6. Zara Whites, Rally van Kamp
Scene 7. Sunny McKay, Sean Michaels, Unknown Male 201179-A


Audio: Italian (by default), German




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