Pretty In Black (1985)

Sultry Satin Summers and Joseph Stryker star as a black couple who move into a lily-white suburban neighborhood in this enchanting erotic opus. But they don’t have to worry about being shunned upon their arrival — quite the opposite! It seems that their white neighbors Rhonda Jo Petty and Johnny Nineteen have been dreaming about interracial sex for some time — and now they’ve got their chance to put their lascivious thoughts into action. They tell Satin and Joseph all about their decadent desires, and are invited over to the most pulse-pounding housewarming party in town! The action culminates in a blistering bash that doesn’t end until everyone’s experienced the ultimate in interracial heat!

Richard Mailer (as Richard Milner)

Magik (as Miss Magick)
Rhonda Jo Petty
Sandy Beach
Satin Summer
Spring Taylor
Susan Nero (as Sue Nero)

Ben Franklin
Elliot Anthony
Jean Valjean
Johnny Nineteen
Joseph Stryker
Nick Frenaire

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Rhonda Jo Petty, Johnny Nineteen
Scene 2. Rhonda Jo Petty, Joseph Stryker
Scene 3. Rhonda Jo Petty, Johnny Nineteen
Scene 4. Sandy Beach, Satin Summer, Nick Frenaire
Scene 5. Magik, Satin Summer, Elliot Anthony
Scene 6. Spring Taylor, Nick Frenaire
Scene 7. Sandy Beach, Johnny Nineteen
Scene 8. Adia, Susan Nero, Ben Franklin, Jean Valjean
Scene 9. Sandy Beach
Scene 10. Magik





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